About Blue Diamond Technologies

Blue Diamond Technologies, "a place where the ancient sciences of the heart, relaxation, and joy meet with modern technology"

Blue Diamond represents a dimension in time and space of immense love, respect, and celebration, bringing new technologies to dance respectfully in harmony with planet earth and it's many life forms. To bring entertaining, enlightening vibrations of love, joy and balance to the delicate dance of life and ecosystems on the planet.

We produce visual, audio and other products to help people relax into their magical space of silence or heart or reverence wherever that might be for them. Buddhist, Hindu, Christian, New Age or Naturalist. This is done with an intent of great respect, acceptance, and appreciation for the tremendous diversity of beliefs existing here on earth. View our sound and light healing DVDS

Visit us again soon for more sacred images , chants, yantras, mandalas and beautiful nature scenes into these sound technologies. Visit our video link sites http://www.bluediamondpachamama.com/web%20copy/Links%20To%20Movies.html and You Tube http://www.youtube.com/profile?user=bluediamondtech

Click here for live whale sounds/music  http://www.whalesong.net/



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