Blue Diamond Technologies & Hawaii Soul Body Adventures a place where ancient sciences of the heart, wellness, and joy meet with modern high vibration technology for healing the Soul.
The Radiation & Heavy Metal De-tox Clinic of Maui was created to provide Japanese and other clients suffering from Toxic and Heavy Metal contamination using alternative healing methods that work.

Fukushima Clinic provides a specific range of Heavy Metal Detox products and therapies that assist the body and immune system in the elimination of toxic materials. We can help you regain your Health on Maui. Call today
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We provide a series dvds with activational computer generated and natural visuals coupled with vibro-acoustically tuned frequencies.

Frequency-Tools include Lasers, Vibro-Acoustics Sound Healing Tables, Meditation Mats and more designed to bring people into deeper states of peace, joy and relaxation ideal for optimal wellbeing.

We offers spiritual retreats to sacred locations for rejuvenation and enhanced well being. Join us for nature adventures, massage and healing arts and deluxe accommodations.

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